erika tubbin

Erika Tubbin is the designer with tangled hair and tangled lines on her mind.  Products range from jewellery to lamps, from art prints to dishcloths in her own brand.

Studio / office  is situated on Importgatan 46 in Norrköping, Sweden. 

The handmade jewellery is is now a fond memory, moving on to mostly interior design details mainly for the kitchen. All products are manufactured in collaboration with various Swedish enterprices. Smallscale and if possible with environmental friendly methods.

once creative, always creative...

"Sewing, singing, playing the piano, dancing, partyplanning, decorating, re-making, photographing, jewelrymaking - for all my life I’ve had different creative outlets. Today I have the enormous privilege of working with and off my creative powers. I’m so lucky! 

Of course, this doesn’t come for free, it takes lots of work, looots of work I assure you. Sometimes the work hard part stands in the way of creativity - when mailing, selling, packing, photographing, editing, planning, bookkeeping, carrying, building, painting, exhibiting and communicating through various media takes most of the time - not letting my mind wander free to think of new patterns, new quotes, new products. But it’s all worth it when time do arise for those creative winding walks of the thought and all impressions gathered unconciously over time ends up in a new collection. So far neither time nor mind has failed me to come up with new ideas. I love it and I hope you do too!"


The cutting board arrived today, very good-looking! Thanks for turbo delivery, I'm sure mom will be happy with her gift.